Mahogany Wood Keychain

  • $2.95

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These keychains are made from lightweight and durable mahogany wood. Each ones sports a different look in the color or the grain but this is the nature of the wood.


  • Overall: 5" long
  • Wood: 3" x 1 5/16"
  • Leather connector
  • Laser safe
  • Vinyl friendly (see note below)
  • Natural oil finish

We pull these out randomly!

We will not pick colors and we will not refund or return because you did not get the exact shade of wood you wanted.

Note: These may have a slight oily feeling to them. That is normal. Just wipe with a soft cloth to remove any excess oil prior to personalization. For vinyl, a little alcohol wipe down is recommended to give maximum adhesion. This is a natural oil finishing process that is safe for you and your laser.

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