Apple Snap Together Acrylic Key Chain

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Our 2 piece acrylic key chains are fun to decorate! You can even put in your favorite photo or printed design.

Shown, these are monogrammed with 651 vinyl. The vinyl is on the inside to keep even the most intricate designs protected!

To create a double layer effect like we did on the apple was easy. We mirrored our monogram and put it inside the keychain. Then we put the red vinyl on the insert, trimmed it with our craft knife and then popped it in! Both the monogram and red vinyl are inside the keychain!

One snapped together, they do not easily come part. You could damage it when using a stiff object such as your weeding tool to open them back up but they can be opened. Just take care and don't poke yourself!

These are not all perfect. They can come with minor scratches or blemishes which is factored into the price. All sales are final on these and no compensation will be offered for the imperfections.

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